FTM’s Adam Smoluk Wins Selection to International Screenwriting Program

FTM’s Adam Smoluk and veteran film producer Juliette Hagopian have been awarded selection to the International eQuinoxe Screenwriting program that is taking place in Central Europe in October 2016. “Adam Smoluk and Juliette Hagopian are an exceptional creative team, and FTM wishes to congratulate them on this prestigious accomplishment.” Said FTM Executive Director Neila Benson. […]

EXPO 2016 WORKSHOP: SyncOnSet for the Film Industry

SyncOnSet is a single platform for collaboration: allowing multiple users to input photos and notes to one, living set book. Script breakdowns, inventory tracking, photo management, and… (Click here for more)

WORKSHOP: TAX CREDITS and BUDGETING for Low Budget Productions

Filmmaking is a true blend of business and creativity and making a film takes more than just picking up a camera and shooting a scene. More than anything they may encounter on set, one of the most baffling questions facing a filmmaker has more to do with raising funds and… (click here for more)