“Enjoy the ride a bit more” – Jamie Brown

20 For the 20th – Careers Profile Series: Jamie Brown Jamie Brown – CEO & Executive Producer, Frantic Films Jamie has produced many award winning film and television projects that have sold to over 130 countries around the world, including feature films, TV dramas and comedies, unscripted series and documentaries. Jamie is Past-Chair of the […]

Growth and Entrepreneurship: A Profile of Michelle Walker

FTM’s 20th Anniversary: 20 For the 20th – Careers Profile Series                               “The most substantial change in the film industry is the growth, which has afforded productions the ability to recruit and hire more crewmembers.” Michelle Walker has an extensive background […]

Action and Results: A Profile of Cody McCullough

FTM’s 20th Anniversary: 20 For the 20th – Reel Careers Profile Series     “This industry demands continuous learning, everyday you learn new skills and technologies…” After growing up in small town Manitoba, Cody moved overseas for several years. He came back and went through the film programs at University of Manitoba earning a BA […]

Taxes for Film Professionals with Kathe Meseman

About the workshop During this one-on-one training session, participants will receive confidential tax advice for filing personal and corporate taxes by an experienced bookkeeper and accountant. Each participant will receive up to 40 minutes of one-on-one time and are encouraged to prepare and share any questions or issues they may have with taxes. Through these individual sessions, […]