Advanced Workshops

In an effort to increase the number of qualified crew members for the film and television industry, Film Training Manitoba, in collaboration with the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 856, have determined the training needs of the crew.

Our Advanced Training Program consists of department-specific workshops taught by leading industry professionals. These workshops give participants the opportunity to learn advanced theory while at the same time getting hands-on experience with the departmental equipment in their chosen craft area.

Advanced Training workshops are only offered in departments the labour organizations consider a priority.

Examples of Advanced Training workshops that FTM offers include:

  • Intro to Grips
  • Intro to Electrics
  • Advanced Locations Seminar
  • Breakdown and Dyeing for the Costume Department

Demonstrated experience in your chosen craft area may be a prerequisite for these courses.

What you should know about advanced training/workshops:

  • Departments within the labour organizations most often drive the demand for advanced training.
  • Advanced training is required for most senior or key positions in a department.
  • Advanced training provides experienced crewmembers opportunities to learn the most current technologies, techniques and industry requirements.

NOTE:  For a listing of FTM’s upcoming workshop training, please visit our Workshop Calendar.