Work-Integrated Learning Programs

Film Training Manitoba (FTM) supports the ongoing skills development of the Manitoba film and media industry professionals through our customized Work-Integrated Learning programs.

About the program:

FTM’s Work-Integrated Learning programs are exclusive to residents of Manitoba and are partnership driven. FTM works with production industry partners to fund, select, and place Manitoba participants.

The Work-Integrated Learning programs are subject to industry training priorities and are determined annually by labour market information. Industry partners are required to provide a financial contribution toward the placement. FTM administers, monitors and evaluates the placements.

NOTE: Short films, student films, and commercials are not eligible for this program.

FTM has developed three forms of Work-Integrated Learning programs:

Internships (closed):

Internship placements are targeted for newer workers to receive on-the-job training. They are placed into a position where their jobs skills match, and they can be under the direct supervision of a senior crew member.


The mentorship program provides opportunities for the professional development of film workers advancing to more senior positions. Through this program, FTM contracts established and experienced industry professionals to train emerging department heads and managers. The mentorship program is targeted primarily to film workers already working in film but need training support to advance into critical positions.

Skills Upgrades:

Skills upgrades are short-duration training placements where the participant requires a direct upgrade in a specific job skill. For example, if a film professional is working on a production and they need one-on-one training on a software program or gear, they could be fit for the skills upgrade.

If you are a Manitoban eligible for this program and you have questions, please get in touch with FTM’s Workforce Development and Operations Manager, Allison Bile, at:

FTM will require the following documents for all Work-Integrated Learning programs:

  • The mentor’s resume
  • The participant’s resume
  • A one-page outlining the proposed training. This will be a summary describing the goal of the mentorship and the learning outcomes.

The following criteria assess applications:

  • Industry need – Is there a proven need in the Manitoba film industry or an answer to a skills gap?
  • Readiness of the applicant
  • Quality of the training opportunity
  • Experience of the mentor

All documents are confidential. Upon approval of the Work-Integrated Learning, all parties will sign a letter of agreement outlining the terms, mutual obligations and expectations of the placement. Once the placement is completed, both parties will submit a training summary and evaluation form.

Please take a look through our Calendar for workshops and training opportunities that may interest you.