Work Experience

The goal of the Work Experience Program is to provide on-the-job training to both new and established technicians; to expand the number of skilled crew members working in the Manitoba film industry, and to address succession planning for production companies, and industry related organizations.

NOTE:  Short films, student films, and commercials are not eligible for work experience programs. Work placements on unionized film productions will be given priority.

The work experience program includes:


• Career Focus Crew Internship Program

FTM Crew Training Fund

• Mentorships

• Skills Upgrade Program

Work Experience Criteria

Film Training Manitoba delivers skill-based on the job training to new and existing crewmembers.

FTM works closely with the industry to identify skill gaps and training needs within the film community.

The training priorities for this fiscal year are outlined in the attached document.

Work Experience placements

  • Must be identified as a training priority by the community.
  • Will contribute to the skill development of the participants.
  • Will be evaluated by Film Training Manitoba.

Film Training Manitoba requires:

  • A summary of the skills that the trainee(s) will develop as a result of this placement. The summary would include:

o   Resumes and crew positions of the trainers

o   Resumes of the trainees

  • Company information including a credit list of productions that have had theatrical releases or on air broadcasts
  • All training is in place and agreements are signed prior to the first day of principal photography.

Placements are assessed on the readiness of the trainee(s), the qualifications of the trainer and the quality of the training opportunity.

Production Companies:

  • Must submit the training summary identifying all training opportunities to be considered for work experience support.
  • Must contribute a portion of the trainees wages
  • Must provide Employment Insurance, CPP, Vacation Pay and Worker’s Compensation
  • Must include FTM to the production’s Commercial General Liability insurance
  • Must allow FTM to conduct work site visits to monitor the trainees progress
  • Must include FTM in the credits, if applicable

Work experience placements are training opportunities. No guarantees are made regarding future employment in the film industry.

Funding for work experience placements are generated through workshop revenue. As a result only a limited number of placements are available per quarter.

Film Training Manitoba reserves the right to withdraw from work placement negotiations if the production company is not able to meet the work experience criteria

Please take a look through our Calendar for workshops and training opportunities that may interest you.