FTM Launches Canada’s First Distance Education Course on Leadership, Management and Supervision for the Film Industry

Film Training Manitoba (FTM) the workforce development and training organization for Manitoba’s film industry has created a new fully online distance education course designed to upgrade the skills of Manitoba’s film industry leaders, managers, and supervisors.

“FTM is a member of the excellent Manitoba Sector Council program which innovates industry-specific workplace learning within our province. This new film industry course will support jobs and skills development by standardizing learning for the film industry’s leaders, managers, and supervisors.” Said Andrew Yankiwski FTM’s chair and owner of Precursors Productions. 

This new course is eight modules, three fact-based workplace case studies, multiple interactive learning tools, and an open-book test. FTM used over twenty years of evaluations from courses and mentorships which numbered in the thousands to develop the programming directives. FTM also unitized participant evaluations from FTM’s Summit for Women in Film Trades (SWIFT) conference where sixty participants agreed or strongly agreed that leaders, managers, and supervisors required training (100% of the respondents).

“As with FTM’s SWIFT, our goal is to innovate and build generational workforce assets within Manitoba’s film industry.” Said FTM’s Managing Director Adam Smoluk and he added, “This new learning is designed to train both employers and employees to build Manitoba’s workforce capacities, retention of workers and to ultimately attract more productions to our Province.” 

FTM contracted a curriculum development committee with over twelve senior managers and supervisors as well as two chartered Professionals in Human Resources. The committee designed and created customized programming materials and individual modules.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the development of this crucial new FTM course which I believe will be extremely valuable to empower Manitoba’s film industry leaders, managers and supervisors in workplace skills such as defusing conflicts and ensuring clear communications within production.”  Said veteran Manitoban workplace safety and health instructor Jack Slessor. He also added, “FTM’s case studies are highly useful exercises to demonstrate the many options available to deal with situations while also showcasing the merits of the correct strategy.”

FTM also partnered with the Manitoba Construction Sector Council‘s Carol Paul (Executive Director) and Ramir Diaz (Coordinator of Education and Training) to conduct full program audits. FTM’s curriculum development committee also represented different genders, generations, union and non-union members, underrepresented workers, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

“FTM’s collaborative and inclusive approach to program development is exceptional and this new programming is completely accessible for a variety of learners.” Said Carol Paul.

Select film industry programming committee members included veteran Production Manager and Line Producer Ellen Rutter (Member of the DGC-MDC and recipient of the SWIFT award) and Filmmaker and technician Reil Munro (Member of IATSE 856). 

“Most film organizations and employers are micro-sized and do not have the resources to deliver and create in-depth learning.” Said Rutter and she added, “FTM’s cutting-edge course is delivering a new standard to build the film industry’s management for our future.” 

In the summer and fall of 2022, FTM completed two industry workforce development surveys where ninety-six percent of the respondents agreed film industry leaders, managers, and supervisors required additional training. All of the modules FTM has created were also highlighted as required learning by the respondents.

“Having participated in the development of this course, I think this important training will support improving our workplace culture by upgrading the skills and know-how of our community. This training will help to create more successful team leadership within our industry.” Said Munro.

To sign up for this course, please click here.

FTM is a non-for-profit charity and member of the Province of Manitoba’s sector council program (through the Department of Economic Development and Jobs). FTM conducts workforce development and training to build a highly skilled and adaptable film industry to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community.