Workshop Training

Film Training Manitoba’s workshop training program was initiated to ensure that Manitoba’s film industry has qualified, highly-trained crewmembers in all craft areas. The goal of the program isto provide training to established technicians and production staff and expand the crew base of the local film industry.

FTM offers the required courses for membership to IATSE local 856 and the DGC Manitoba District Council. We also collaborate with industry partners to put together workshops and presentations that provide our local industry members with advanced training and professional development opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE:  Film Training Manitoba does not provide course materials to non-workshop participants.

Entry Level Courses

Workshops for people entering the industry, including the prerequisite courses for IATSE Local 856 and Local 669, as well as for the Director’s Guild of Canada – Manitoba District Council.

Advanced Level Courses

Courses and workshops aimed at existing crew who would like to advance their current skill level.

Professional Development

Courses designed for the professional advancement of writers, directors, and producers.

Actor Training

HR Professional Development Fund

Tailored workshop and mentorship training for both existing and contract staff, as well as crew at production or industry related companies.



FTM Training Priorities 2017-2018


Crew Training – Entry & Advanced Levels

Supervisory Skills – all departments

Advanced Scheduling & Budgeting – Movie Magic



Assistant Directing – 2nd & 3rd

Locations Department

Production Office / Production Coordinator

Post-Production & Editing


Art Department

Lighting and Grip Department

Sound Department

Costumes Department



Virtual Reality – development and project management


Animation Technicians


Writers, Directors, Producers – Intermediate & Advanced Level Workshops

Producers – budgeting & project management (all genres)

Business Affairs / Tax credit (all genres)



Accounting & Money management for producers / filmmakers


Writing – writing for documentary films

Writing – writing for low-budget films (all genres)

Career development consultation for writers


Documentary – Business of filmmaking

Logistics of shooting outside of Canada

Writing for documentaries

Marketing / Social Media Strategies


Directors – storyboarding, shot lists


Actors – Intermediate & Advanced Level Workshops

Safety Training / Set Orientation

Scene Study & Script analysis

Audition Techniques

Voice Work / Dialect Training

Business of Acting