Reel Career Profile Series: Libby Lea

Libby Lea

Libby Lea, a seasoned Producer with over a decade of experience, excels in commercials. With a Broadcasting Diploma in 2002, she delved into marketing, communications, and briefly into politics. Eventually, she found her niche at a video production company, refining her interviewing skills and production expertise.

Joining FRANK Digital in July 2017 as Head of Production, she managed operations, client relations, oversaw shoots, and supervised post-production. In 2018, she became Vice President of Production, pivotal in FRANK Digital’s expansion.

August 2023 marked her directorial debut with the CBC documentary “Running for your Life.” Outside of work, Libby cherishes her role as a mother, adores dogs, and maintains a passion for running.

When and how did you start in the media production industry?

In 2011, a friend asked me to help them with their start-up video production company in Business Development – I had been in marketing previously. My start at FRANK was because I was being interviewed for a documentary Chris McIvor (my current boss) was working on, and I kept in touch with him after that. You never know when you meet someone how it will turn out…

Interviewee Predator Doc – Where it began with FRANK

What area of the film industry do you work in now and why? 

I’m Vice President of Production for FRANK Digital – My main role is Producer. I am involved in all aspects of the business and even get to do my own creative projects – Running for Your Life,  a documentary (CBC GEM) I directed and produced with my Colleague Braydon Musick. The documentary is up for Best DOC POV at Yorkton later this month.

Team MusickLea

What has been a substantial change in the industry since you started?

 The GEAR – it’s so much smaller and affordable making the market so accessible. Middle schoolers are creating mind-blowing content with an iPhone.

If you could give yourself advice today to yourself in the past, what would it be? 

Be kind – I’ve always known this but you never know who you may be working for or need some help from in the future.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in the media production industry? 

Try all the things and be proactive – observe what is going on and see if you can be of help. Learn people’s names!

Why is learning and training important? 

Everything is in constant motion and changing – training keeps you fresh and invigorated – you also meet new people, that is always the best part.

Chris, Libby and Bray on set in Toronto

What are some of the films, TV series or even books that have inspired you?  How about anything new you’ve been into?

Faerie Tale Theatre with Shelley Duvall and Hilarious House of Frightenstein – I LOVED these shows as a kid; they really captured my imagination. It showed me simple can be done with the right talent and writers.

 I am obsessed with the British game show TASK MASTER (I know, I know, late to the party) – that show is insanely funny and ingenious. Incredible talent, writers and production team on this show – pure magic when combined.

Is there something about you or an interesting past experience that you’d like to share with your colleagues?

I’ve been in exactly 422 storyboards and voiced 1,098 scratch tracks, lol. Always the stand-in.

Always the stand-in

Is there someone within the film industry you would like to work with and why?

 Greg Davies or little Alex Horne (lol) – I’m obsessed with what they do for Task Master.

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now? 

The best is yet to come – TBD

Libby, Jagmeet, Bray and Chris -NDP shoot

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