Film Training Manitoba (FTM) supports the ongoing skills development of professional crewmembers in the film, television and digital media industry.

FTM’s mentorship program provides opportunities for on-the-job training for qualified crew, advancing to more senior positions.

Through this program, FTM contracts established and experienced crewmembers to mentor emerging department heads and managers. Participants are exposed to the best practices of the industry.

The mentorship program is available primarily to crew members transitioning to key positions. All mentorships are approved on a case-by-case basis, subject to industry training priorities, that are determined annually by the community.

Film Training Manitoba works with production managers and producers to select, coordinate and facilitate suitable mentorship opportunities. FTM administers, monitors and evaluates the placements.

Potential mentorship participants and their mentors must apply together as a “team”.

All parties must sign a letter of agreement, outlining the terms, mutual obligations and expectations of the mentorship placements.

All mentorships must be set up through a production company. However, the company need not be in the shooting stage of production during the time of the mentorship (i.e. a production may be in development, pre- or post-production, etc.). A signature from a production company representative is required on the mentorship agreement.

NOTE: Short films, student films, and commercials are not eligible for this program.

Criteria for FTM Crew Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program provides training support to a crewmember as he or she advances to a more senior position. FTM pays the mentor to train the participant.

To apply for a Mentorship, FTM requires the following documents:

  • the Mentor’s resume
  • the participant’s resume
  • a one to two page summary outlining the proposed activities to take place during the mentorship. The  summary would describe the goal of the mentorship and the learning outcomes.

Applications are assessed by the following criteria:

  • Industry need
  • Readiness of the applicant
  • Quality of the training opportunity
  • Experience of the Mentor

All documents are confidential and shall only be used for assessing the participant’s request for a mentorship. Upon approval of the mentorship, all parties will sign a letter of agreement outlining the terms, mutual obligations and expectation of the mentorship placement. At the completion of the mentorship, both parties will submit a training summary and evaluation form.

The Mentor will be reimbursed by FTM upon receipt of all supporting documents.  FTM’s maximum contribution to a mentorship is $1,000 ($25 per hour up to 40 hours).

Each mentorship opportunity is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

*Priority is given to union productions.


This program is generously funded by the provincial government department of Jobs and the Economy, along with earned revenues from Film Training Manitoba’s workshops.

For more information on FTM’s Work Experience Program, please contact:

Allison Bile, Training Coordinator

Ph: 204.989.9669