How to Combat Racism in the Workplace – A Guide By UKG

In March of 2024, the Chartered Professionals in Human Resource (CPHR) shared a guide developed by Parris Consulting for the UKG about combating racism within Canadian workplaces.

Film Training Manitoba is pleased to share this comprehensive guide which contains the history of racism, terminology and language, systemic racism in the workplace, and tools and resources.

According to the CPHR, as one of the world’s most racially and ethnically diverse nations, Canada has a role to play in confronting the reality of racism. We must embark on an anti-discrimination journey. We must be anti-racist.

Not sure where to begin? Start here. This thoughtful guide for HR professionals and leaders contains eye-opening information to put Canada’s unique pedigree of racism into perspective. 

Download a complimentary copy to read a brief history of racism in our country,  learn common terminology, and get Action Steps to foster positive change in your organization.