FTM’s Fall and Winter Workshops

Mark McKinney Writing Workshop

November 11 & 12 | 10 am – 6 pm | $200 ($25 discount for participants of Pilar Alessandra workshops)

This workshop will take place over two days and will help participants learn more about the process of writing for television. Two writing groups, both led by McKinney, will learn to develop a plot line for several characters using the premise of Less Than Kind. The exercise will simulate what it is like to write for a television series. Day two will have actors come in and do a reading of these scripts, prompting a group discussion on the final product.

All applicants are asked to submit a resume of previous writing experience along with their payment. Resumes will be reviewed to determine eligibility for the course. Payment will be processed upon acceptance into the course. Please submit your resume by email to info@filmtraining.mb.ca.

Locations, Locations, Locations

Nov. 21 and 22 (Sat. and Sun.) | 10 am – 6 pm | $100

Instructors: Michael Cowles, Cathie Edgar

This intermediate course is not the same as the required locations course for DGC Manitoba.

This course will provide participants with a detailed introduction to the duties and responsibilities of the locations department.  Participants will learn about city regulations, location permits, scouting and prepping location, and much more. This course will be a combination of in class and hands on components, which will include visiting various locations throughout Winnipeg.

*Participants will be required to provide their SINs (social insurance numbers).

Dealing with Difficult Situations

November 28th | 10 am – 6 pm | $50

Instructor: David Falk

Dealing with difficult workplace situations is a challenge faced by many people and the way you handle these situations can significantly shape your reputation within the workplace. This one-day session examines the nature of workplace conflict and will provide you with the skills needed to clear up misunderstandings, resolve disagreements, and address difficult situations.

Set Etiquette, part of the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival

November 21st | TBD | TBD

Instructor: Tasia Geras

FTM’s Set Etiquette course provides participants with a practical understanding of what is expected on and off of a film set. It will empower you to make a positive contribution to the film making process, enabling you to work competently and safely in various worksites, weather, and situations.

Intro to Paper, part of the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival

November 22nd | TBD | TBD

Instructor: Tasia Geras

Intro to Paper is designed to familiarize participants the many forms and documents you will encounter when working on a film or television project (or “show” as we call them).  Communication is essential in the film industry and the paperwork that we work with is one of the most important organizational tools and resources we have.