Film Crew Supervisory Skills Certificate

A partnership between Film Training Manitoba and Red River College

FTM is pleased to announce that we have once again partnered with Red River College to bring you Film Crew Supervisory Skills Certificate. The FCSSC was designed to aid those wishing to develop their human resource and supervisory skills for work in the film and television industry.

To obtain a Film Crew Supervisory Skills certificate, participants will need to complete the following:

  1. Two FTM workshops: Money Matters and Supervisory Skills
  2. Four Red River College business seminars and/or workshops

Participants who have completed either the Money Matters and/or Supervisory Skills* workshop are eligible to receive a 50% discount on a maximum of four RRC business seminars and/or workshops. Participants must attend at least one of the FTM workshops before being eligible for the discount on their Red River College registration. Reimbursement on a Red River College busine ss seminar and/or workshop will be processed after attending the RRC seminar/workshop and upon submission of an official receipt.

* Money Matters and/or Supervisory Skills will be offered a minimum of once a year, through Film Training Manitoba.

Participants have up to two years to complete all the requirements for the Film Crew Supervisory Skills certificate. If a participant successfully completes all six courses (two FTM workshops and four RRC seminar/workshops) within the two-year period, FTM will present them with a $100 credit towards any Film Training Manitoba seminar or workshop.

The following is a list of recommended courses being offered through Red River College’s Continuing Studies Program: Business Seminars and Workshops (Summer and Fall terms):

  1. Communicating in Conflict
  2. 360 Evaluation Process
  3. Interviewing Skills-Employers
  4. Team Building
  5. Conflict Resolution*
  6. Managing Young Workers*
  7. Negotiating Skills*
  8. Stress Management*
  9. Workday Management Tools*
  10. Critical thinking**
  11. Effective Listening techniques**
*Offered in class and via distance learning (self-directed).
** These courses are offered through Distance Education only.

In addition to this list, Red River College offers a variety of business-oriented workshops and seminars, all designed to develop a person’s ability to deal effectively with a wide range of work-related situations. Participants interested in registering for a course that is not shown on this list are asked to contact Film Training Manitoba directly to discuss the course eligibility.


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