Cinematic Fundamentals with John Paizs in Partnership with the Winnipeg Film Group

June 1, 2024 (10:00 AM – 4:30 PM)

Film Training Manitoba (204-245 McDermot Ave)

$110.00 for the general public
$80.00 for the Winnipeg Film Group
$80.00 for DGC members (**Please note: DGC members must attend the full session to receive a full refund after the course, courtesy of the DGC-MDC)

*A light lunch and refreshments will be provided

About the Course:

The Cinematic Fundamentals course is designed for working film professionals to learn visual techniques and stylistic choices for creatives.

This course is designed to demystify the key working elements of film for working film professionals. This session is for filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, editors, crew members and anyone wanting to learn more how a well-cohesive film is planned and created.

The day is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1: Participants learn how to prep for and shoot drama.
    Concepts such as master shots, and coverage and the axis and the eyeline are explored.
  • Part 2: The class deconstructs a scene from a major motion picture in order to see how the director (and editor) translated the scene as scripted into the finished scene.
  • Part 3: A number of camera-related topics are discussed including lighting and lenses.
  • Part 4: Directorial style is examined. A range of directorial style options are viewed and deconstructed with the aid of a clip reel.

This session was developed by Canadian filmmaker and instructor John Paizs which has been attended by hundreds of working film professionals.

About the Instructor:

John Paizs is a director, writer, and actor from Winnipeg. In 1985 his muchcelebrated independent comedy Crime Wave premiered at the Festival of Festivals (now the Toronto International Film Festival). His second feature film, 1999’s Top of the Food Chain, is a stylish, low-budget send-up of Golden Age 50s science fiction movies.

Paizs is the former Director in Residence at the Canadian Film Centre.

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