ARRI Training

Date: August 17, 2024 (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
Location: Sunbelt Rental Company (1245 Border St. #1 Winnipeg, MB R3H 0X9)
Registration Fee: $90.00
*A light lunch will be served

About the Workshop:

This one-day training session is designed to help Manitoban films professionals learn more about the most cutting-edge camera and film gear from ARRI instructor and film industry veteran Francois Gauthier. This session will feature training on the new ARRI Alexa 35.

The Alexa 35 was release in 2022 to meet the demands of the streaming era and to give us the first new sensor in over a decade. The new ARRI Alexa 35 is a 4K cinema camera capable of frame rates of up to 120fps out of the box. No licenses will be needed. Not for high frame rates or anamorphic options.

The new Super 35 ALEV 4 sensor will measure 27.99 x 19.22 mm with a 4.6K resolution and have internal motorized FSND filters with ND 0.6, ND 1.2, and ND 1.8. An electronic rolling shutter will offer exposure control with shutter angles between 5.0° – 356°.

It is based on a Super 35 ALEV 4 sensor, Arri’s first new sensor for the Alexa family since the release of the first model in 2010. The sensor is sized 27.99 x 19.22 mm and records at a resolution of 4608 × 3164 with 17 stops of dynamic range. It is the first camera in the Alexa line to allow for full-height, natively 4K anamorphic shooting.

About ARRI:

For over 100 years, ARRI has been fashioning tools that expand creative possibilities for filmmakers and other content producers.

ARRI founding fathers, August Arnold and Robert Richter, were filmmakers themselves and therefore strove to achieve the highest standard in camera and lighting equipment. They understood first-hand the importance of image quality, ease of use, and reliability, and their focus was grounded on facilitating inspiring images and enabling artistic visions. These principles remain vital to ARRI today, and the vision for the future continues to be driven by the needs of the ARRI customers. Being able to deliver the best user experience through innovative hardware products, customized Rental services, and integrated solutions is ARRI’s greatest endeavor.

About the Instructor:

Film industry veteran Francois Gauthier has close to 30 years’ experience in the production industry. Gauthier has extensive knowledge in content creation, production, post-production, product planning, design, training, marketing, and strategic planning. Gauthier also supports ARRI’s solutions business in the Americas which include remote production, live multi-cam, and mixed reality production systems (MRPS).

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