Whether you’re an existing crewmember, a producer, an actor, or someone who is looking for work in the film and television industry, you need to know that any training you do is up-to-date and relevant to the industry. On the same note, production companies want to be sure that professional development training will help them gain and maintain a competitive edge.

This is where Film Training Manitoba can help. It is our role to ensure that individuals and production companies can access high quality training. We work with industry, training, and education partners to make sure the training we provide meets industry needs. We accredit courses and approve partners on the basis of quality and relevance to film and television industry.

In this section of our website you will find:

  • Information about our training programs, including both entry-level courses and advanced training.
  • Opportunities to apply to our on-the-job work experience program
  • Information and access to our accredited courses and training partners


FTM Accelerator Training Criteria 2018-2019

Film Training Manitoba delivers skill-based training. We have designed the following criteria for organizations and industry partners who wish to collaborate on workshop/training activities.

Film Training Manitoba Accelerator Training Criteria 2018-2019

FTM works closely with the industry to identify skill gaps and training needs within the film community. Proposed training must be identified in the Manitoba media industry training priorities – which is listed below.

All applications are confidential and will be reviewed by a jury for potential selection. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 18, 2018.

Training must be completed by Friday, November 16, 2018

The total envelope for this program is $6,000. The maximum contribution from FTM is $2,000 per application.

All partnership activities must meet the training requirements of Film Training Manitoba’s funders.

FTM reserves the right to withdraw from the partnership if a minimum registration of 8 participants is not achieved three days prior to the workshop.


The Workshop / Training Event:

  • Must be a proven need in the community and/or answer a skill gap.
  • Must develop Manitoba’s labour force and infrastructure.
  • Must be evaluated by Film Training Manitoba.
  • Must be identified by FTM as a training priority


The Applicant must:

  • Complete the application outlining the workshop, including a complete breakdown of revenue and expenses.
  • Provide a minimum of 8 participants.
  • Contribute 1/3 of the cost of workshop expenses.
  • Provide completed participant evaluations.
  • Include on-site recognition of FTM (details to be negotiated).
  • Recognize FTM on all promotional materials (ie: website, social media, postings).


 Film Training Manitoba must:

  • Approve of the instructor, workshop format, and course content.
  • Provide one FTM staff person to attend the workshop/event.
  • Contribute 2/3 of the costs of workshop expenses


All partnership activities must meet the training requirements of FTM’s funders (see below).
FTM reserves the right to withdraw from the partnership if a minimum registration of six participants is not achieved three days prior to the event.

* * * FTM TRAINING PRIORITIES 2018 – 2019 * * *

Crew Training priorities derived from LMI data are:

Art Department
Camera Department Sound Department Lighting Department Grip Department Costume Department Hair Department Construction Department Locations Department Production Office Accounting Department Post Production

Strategies to Develop Crew Supervisors

Supervisory Skills for Department Heads / Technical Keys:
1. Health and safety / respectful workplace responsibilities
2. Budgeting and scheduling abilities – comprehension and skill development 3. HR tools, conflict resolution, performance evaluations
4. Script breakdown – comprehension and skill development
5. Presentation skills – skill development

Mentorships – offer workshops to align with the areas of mentorship

Train the Trainer
– develop instructors and/or industry facilitators
Develop curriculum with testing and evaluation

Training for entry-level people
Online Courses
Department Introductory Courses
Career Focus Internships

Company Specific Training
FTM internships / mentorships for business affairs and creative producers
Mentorships for company managers and employees

Animation – how to plan, budget, and manage the pipeline

Download Accelerator Application here for 2018-2019