Update to DGC-MB Online Course Bundles

Film Training Manitoba is now offering the Director’s Guild of Canada-MB (DGC) online course bundle in two smaller packages.

The first package is an entry level package for permittees, and a requirement for MDC Source List or MDC-MAP applicants.

The second package is for participants looking to become full DGC-MB members.

DGC Bundle One

  • Set Orientation
  • Safety Awareness

$190.00 ($70.00 discount)

DGC Bundle Two

  • Intro. to Paper
  • Intro. to Locations
  • Propane Safety

$150.00 ($50.00 discount)

The full, 6 course bundle, is still available, and can be taken for $330.00.

To register and pay for these courses online you can click on the link below and choose one of the following:
“DCG Bundle 1”, “DGC Bundle 2”, or if you’d like to purchase the full bundle, you can choose “DGC Full Bundle”.