Less Than Kind celebrates Mike O’Brien

Mark McKinney and Al Rae invite you to join them as Less Than Kind shows their love and support for a dear friend – Mike O’Brien. Tickets for the event are $30, and can be purchased thru Buffalo Gal Pictures (956-2777 x 0), or from Angie Lamirande (510-5892)!

EXPO 2011 – Announcing New (lower) Pricing!

Thanks to the generosity of our funders and partners, FTM is now able to offer the 3D Camera Intensive Series for the lower price of $200.00 (includes registration for the 3D Exploratory Workshop) and the 3D Exploratory Workshop is now only $175 (includes admission to the 3D Filmmaking Symposium). Registration deadline for both workshops has been extended to October 18th!

PAL Winnipeg Survey

PAL Winnipeg was established to provide affordable housing for older people who worked, or continue to work, in the recorded or live Entertainment Industry. It is vitally important that workers in the Arts participate in this housing survey – without significant input from the community we will never gain the financial support necessary to build […]

Script Supervision Goes Digital

For the more seasoned script supervisors attending the workshop, this introduction to the “computerization” of their department sparked an immediate interest in the significant ways their jobs could be better organized and streamlined.