Nathalie Massaroni – “Introduce yourself to everyone & make it known that you’re ready to work; you never know what may come from an introduction”

Nathalie Massaroni is a Manitoba-based editor and filmmaker. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg’s film program, she gained experience in various roles on projects including Night Hunter, How It Ends, GONE: My Daughter, and Siberia. Massaroni got the opportunity to pursue her dream career — a professional film editor — when she joined Farpoint […]

Film Training Manitoba and ACTRA MB see huge success with inaugural BIPOC Performers Training Initiative

If the last five years are any indication of where Manitoba’s film industry is going, we’re in for an explosive ride. According to Manitoba Film & Music, our media production industry has more than doubled its production volume, from $110 million in 2014-15 to more than $261.5 million in 2019-20. While the pandemic slowed film production in 2020, it didn’t stop the actor’s union ACTRA MB and Film Training Manitoba (FTM) from seeing another opportunity for growth.  […]

Select Made-in-Manitoba TV & Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Tales From the Loop Made in Manitoba

What do stories about everything from getaway drivers to infamous cowboy bandits to inter-dimensional portals have in common? They were all made in Manitoba by some of the most renowned filmmakers and stars in the world — but not without the help of Manitoban film professionals. For a few decades now, Manitoba has become a […]

Quan Luong – Don’t be impatient. Instead, learn to enjoy the process.

Quan Luong is the first to pursue a career in the arts in a family of engineers. But he has them to thank for exposing him to the power of pictures early in life. His father always had a passion for photography, so Quan grew up around cameras. This gave him the chance to begin […]