SOLD OUT – FTM’s SWIFT Presents – Post-Production Workflow (In Partnership with Farpoint Films)

September 23 & 24, 2023 at 10:00AM – 4:00 PM

Farpoint Films Office, 201-1440 Jack Blick Avenue. R3G 0L4

Course Outline: 

This two-day course will help the learner gain a deeper understanding of the workflow of post from beginning to end with a special focus on the role of the supervisor and assistant editor. FTM’s SWIFT is an initiative to provide training for female-identified, trans, and non-binary adults interested in the post-production workflow. 

With the rapid growth of the media production and film industry in Manitoba, more industry professionals are looking to increase their knowledge about the post-production process.

Topics covered will include:

  • Stages of post-production and the workflow
  • Careers within post-production
  • The role of the post-production supervisor
  • The role of the assistant editor
  • How to process footage in Premiere and Davinci

Registration Fee: 
General: $100

To register online click here and select ‘Workflow’ from the list of courses. (for female-identified, trans, and non-binary adults)

About the instructor:

Nathalie Massaroni is a Manitoba-based editor and post production supervisor. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg’s film program, she gained experience in various roles on projects including Night Hunter, Siberia, How It Ends, and GONE: My Daughter.

Nathalie got the opportunity to pursue her dream career — a professional film editor — when she joined Farpoint Films, an award-winning production company. Since then she has edited features and series including Wintertide, Alter Boys, Seeking Fire, and Ice Vikings. In addition to her work as an editor, she is also a post production supervisor of more than 250 hours of television.

Nathalie has also edited for APTN (D dot H) and CBC (I Hurt Myself, Home Away from Home, and Next Gen). If she’s not working on a computer, you can find Nathalie at the dance studio or sipping coffee with a cat on her lap.

About the Assistant:

Elizabeth Ricard is an up-and-coming editor in Winnipeg. After graduating from the U of M, she established herself as a camera trainee. During her time on set, she worked on films and TV shows such as Flag Day, Tales from the Hood 3, and Burden of Truth. 

Elizabeth then joined the team at Farpoint Films as an assistant editor. She has worked on projects such as Seeking Fire, Ice Vikings, and Disaster Deja Vu. Elizabeth quickly established herself as an integral part of the team and got the opportunity to edit Death of the Party, Secrets, Lies, & DNA Ties, as well as the EPK bonus feature for The Swearing Jar.