DOC Manitoba and Film Training Manitoba Launch New Training Partnership

Manitoba’s workforce development and training organizations Film Training Manitoba (FTM) and DOC Manitoba which represents professional documentary filmmakers are launching a series of new training for Manitobans in 2022.

The first of these new training sessions is an upcoming in-class course, Creating a Character-Driven Documentary with Daniel Cross (May 14 and 15). Which was jointly designed by the instructor and both organizations. 

“Training in Manitoba’s film industry is critical to building and expanding our industry. Conducting programming from both FTM and DOC Manitoba gives our community a major advantage,” said filmmaker Charles Konowal, the chair of DOC Manitoba’s Programming Committee.

Daniel Cross is a Professor at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal and has created a wide collection of renowned documentary films. In 2015, he won the Canada Screen Award for Best Theatrical Documentary Film and Best Cinematography for I Am The Blues (2015).

“Documentary filmmakers are the backbone of Manitoba’s content creation and this joint programming between FTM and DOC Manitoba will support the growth of Manitoba’s film industry through new learning,” said accomplished producer and co-chair of DOC Manitoba, Merit Jensen-Carr of Merit Motion Pictures.

In the summer of 2021, FTM and DOC MB partnered with ZOOT pictures to conduct the sold-out Editing for Documentary with Jackie Dzuba. As well as two training sessions with Camera manufacturers RED Digital Cinema and Black Magic Design.

“FTM joined DOC MB as a member organization this past year, their membership and leadership team are so highly knowledgable about training,” said FTM’s Managing Director, Adam Smoluk. “This has been a highly effective partnership to continue to build Manitoba’s workforce.” 

The two organizations will also be announcing two additional training sessions in May of 2022.

For more details about the Creating a Character-Driven Documentary with Daniel Cross (May 14th and 15th):

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FTM is a non-for-profit charity and member of the Province of Manitoba’s sector council program (through the Department of Economic Development and Jobs). FTM conducts workforce development and training to build a highly skilled and adaptable film industry to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community.