COVID-19 Film Industry Forum

At the requests of our COVID-19 training instructors, Film Training MB (FTM) has created a forum for film industry professionals who would like to share COVID-19 materials. 

FTM advocated for training in safety and best practices to support industry workforce development and we’re doing our part to help share materials that might be helpful during these challenging times.

“FTM wishes to thank veteran industry professional Lesley Oswald and SAFE Work Manitoba’s Jack Slessor for conducting 14 COVID-19 training sessions and to all of our training partners for the continued support. FTM’s team Mauro Ferritto, Allison Bile, and Kathe Meseman have done excellent work with our COVID-19 response and I appreciate everyone’s hard work. ” Said FTM’s Managing Director Adam Smoluk.

Please access these documents but note: FTM did not create or nor do we hold ownership of many of these materials — we hope this is a helpful forum to keep our hardworking Manitoba crew and industry members safe and informed. 

FTM’s COVID-19 Sharing forum:

Please cross reference all the material or tips with the Province of MB Heath and Safety guidelines:

And the Manitoba Media Production Industry COVID-19 Safety and Health Guide Safety and Health Guide: