FTM Bids Farewell to Mauro Ferritto

Film Training Manitoba’s long-serving Senior Communications and Programming Manager Mauro Ferritto departed FTM in early September to pursue a career on the production side of the Manitoba film industry.

“Our entire team at FTM appreciates Mauro’s many years of service. His contributions to our organization and the growth of Manitoba’s film industry’s workforce are greatly appreciated. We all wish him the very best in his future,” said FTM Managing Director Adam Smoluk.

Mauro oversaw a successful company rebranding and coordinated a wide selection of courses, including a training session with ARRI and famed screenwriting instructor Richard Walter.

He had been promoted twice at FTM, earning the position of Senior Programs and Communications Manager. In this position he managed social media, the website, and was directly involved in the management of FTM’s programming.

Mauro was formerly employed by New Line Cinema’s Acquisitions department in Los Angeles. Working for the Head of Acquisitions, he attended film screenings and reviewed potential distribution of independent productions. Mauro also provided coverage on screenplays looking for potential production. After writing several feature length screenplays, Mauro was signed by a New York City based Literary Agent. Mauro relocated to Vancouver for a year where he worked crew and background, as he continued to write before returning to FTM.

We wish Mauro all the best in his future endeavours — indeed he’s already hard at work on a film project being produced here in Manitoba. We look forward to spotting your name in the credits of many upcoming films!

FTM is a member of the Province of Manitoba’s sector council program funded through the Department of Economic Development and Training. FTM builds a highly skilled and adaptable film industry workforce to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. FTM collaborates and partners with members of the film and television industry to identify training needs to support workforce development output.

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