FTM and Seven Oaks’ CVE: Performing Arts Production and Industry Program to Partner for 2021-2022

Film Training Manitoba (FTM) is partnering with Seven Oaks’ Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) to prepare students for employment opportunities in Manitoba’s dynamic film industry.

Together, the organizations will collaborate to offer career coaching and training to students during the 2021–2022 school year.

Program facilitator and teacher Derek Kun developed CVE’s Performing Arts Production and Industry program to give students industry training both in class and through workplace internships.

“Preparing students for the film industry in Manitoba has become a big part of our program,” said Kun. “We want to get them certified and trained to enter a career in the industry, so FTM’s certifications mean a lot to us. We’re very excited about this partnership.”

The program is available to adults and high school students. Grade 12 students have the option to earn credits toward their graduation through the program.

“This program helped me realize my passions and what it takes to reach my goals,” said Jaye, 18, a former student. “I’m really thankful for this program because it gave me access to workshops, conferences, and internships, certifications that helped me get a job in the industry.”

This continued partnership with Seven Oaks CVE will help deepen the talent pool for productions who need skilled film professionals that come to Manitoba to create content.

“As a member of Manitoba’s dynamic Sector Council Program, its FTM’s mandate to conduct innovative workforce development to grow the province’s film industry. Working with Derek Kun is a natural partnership. His students are blue-chip entries in the growing Manitoba film industry and FTM is looking forward to continue supporting this program,” said FTM’s Managing Director Adam Smoluk.

Since the program’s inception, students have also attended FTM’s various film industry training programs such as FTM’s Film Expo, Super Six Series, and Camera Pro Series. 

“We want to inspire students and give them the tools to start a career in the industry,” says Kun. “We have a number of students who have got jobs in the industry, and we hope to create more success stories.”

FTM is a member of the Province of Manitoba’s sector council program through the Department of Economic Development and Training. FTM builds a highly skilled and adaptable film industry workforce to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community.

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