Shoot This! FTM’s August Transit Contest

FTM needs your help! Starting on August 3, 2021 FTM will be running an advertisement on the side of a Winnipeg Transit bus, but the trouble is we don’t know which one!

As a result, FTM is putting a bounty out — we need your help to find it!

The first person who takes a photo of a Winnipeg Transit bus with FTM’s current ad (shown above circa 2019) and sends it to us, will receive a prize pack that consists of:

  • An FTM hat
  • An FTM toque
  • A $50 FTM gift certificate to attend or take an FTM course.

Please send your photo to:

The contest ends September 1, 2021. Please note: Please be careful and observe the rules of the road!

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