FTM’s Professional Series with ARRI: Cameras and Gear

June 29th, 2021 at 2:00PM – 4:00PM (CTS) via Zoom

Registration $45
Members and permits of IATSE 856 will have their registration fee 100% covered by the generous support of the Joyce Wold Fund

To register online click here and select ‘Arri Course’ from the list of courses.

Members and permits of IATSE 856 please e-mail john@filmtraining.mb.ca

Manitoba’s workforce develop and training organization for the film industry is partnering with ARRI to conduct a joint interactive Zoom session for professionals in Manitoba’s film industry. 

This session is targeted to technicians and workers who use, or may be potentially be using, ARRI equipment on sets. 

During the session, an ARRI representative will discuss the various parts and valued information about ARRI’s current cameras and lights, with live demonstrations, followed by a Q & A on the functions, as well as how and where the gear can be best used to its greatest advantage.

The Arri Group is a German manufacturer of motion picture film equipment. Based in Munich, the company produces professional motion picture cameras, lenses, lighting and postproduction equipment. The Arri Alexa camera system was used to film Academy Award winners for Best Cinematography including Hugo, Life of Pi, Gravity, Birdman, The Revenant and 1917.

Topics covered at the session will include:

  • ARRI’s Camera products (including the Arri Alexa)
  • ARRI sensors, wireless features, ND filters and it’ll all be focused on Arri equipment only.
  • Remote lighting set up, and the Orbiter.

About the instructor

François Gauthier, MBA
Technical Sales Specialist – ARRI

With close to 30 years in the production industry, François was fortunate to work in most areas of the production ecosystem, including content creation, production, post production, product planning, design, training, marketing, and strategic planning. After a fruitful career in Quebec’s production community he joined SONY, holding various positions in North America. In 2017 he joined Arnold and Richter (ARRI) where he handle camera systems for the Canadian market; François also support ARRI’s solution’s business in the Americas which include remote production, live multi-cam, and mixed reality production systems (MRPS).

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