Introduction to Background Acting (Becoming an extra) For Film & Television Webinar

With Leah Erum (BG Casting), Puneet Chawla (AD), & Lorraine James (Actor/Host)

ACTRA Manitoba & Film Training Manitoba Presents BIPOC Film & TV Performers Training Series

Saturday March 27th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Zoom session

Free – participant fees have been covered by a contribution from ACTRA MB

ACTRA Manitoba & Film Training Manitoba are proud to present an exciting and informative webinar on how to start working on film & television sets as an EXTRA, technically referred to as a Background Performer, or “BG”. Our panelists will talk about what is involved in being a BG, how to be selected, what is expected of you on set, and most importantly – how you can KEEP coming back and grow your career in the film & television industry!

Leah Erum is one half of Kari Casting, the longest running Background Casting Agency in Manitoba! As an Extras Casting Assistant, Leah works to ensure that film and television productions have the necessary extras they need to fill in the crowd in any scene.

Puneet Chawla is an Assistant Director and Script Supervisor. She is highly experienced in the coordinating and directing of BG and can tell you exactly what they do on set, what they should be doing on set, and what not to do, for you to be someone that the production wants to work with again and again!

Lorraine James is a long-time ACTRA member and has performed in numerous productions as both an actor and an extra. As the host of this session, Lorraine will guide the conversation and provide her insight into what its like to be a professional background performer!

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