One-on-one Screenwriting with Linda Coffey

January 11 – 22, 2021 – Zoom session

Zoom lecture session – $25 (Jan 11th, 2021 at 7:00PM) $20 for students.
One-on-one Zoom script consultation – $75

$100 for both consultation and the lecture
Register online by clicking here

Please note* Once the instructor has accepted your materials and admission into the course, at that time we’ll contact you to let you know and you can pay/register for the 1-on-1 session upon acceptance into the course.

About the workshop
This workshop will be split up into two parts.

  • A 90-minute screenwriting lecture via Zoom on January 11th, 7:00PM
  • A one-on-one session, where Linda will work collaboratively with the participants and provide feedback about the individual submitted narrative projects. In addition, the participants will receive valuable information on the current Canadian market place considerations. The instructor is open different genres and will review TV scripts, feature film scripts, web series and other market driven projects.

Participant Eligibility
This training is targeted for industry professionals that have experience in the professional media production industry.

All genres are eligible. The instructor will review TV scripts, feature film scripts, web series and other market driven projects.

No scripts longer than 120 pages.

The participants must be based in Manitoba.

Projects with or without equity investment and/or distribution commitments are eligible.

A maximum of 2 screenwriters per project will be allowed to take part in the ZOOM session.

The instructor will make final selections of the participants.

The deadline to apply with the required materials is January 4, 2021 but participants are advised to submit the required materials as soon as the course details have been posted.  Please note the instructor will be selecting the participants and this course may fill up prior to the deadline date.

Do not submit the materials if you do not meet full eligibility requirements.

The instructor will assign an individual one-on-one time-slot
(a 60 minute session) sometime between January 11 – 22, 2021. 

All materials should be submitted in one digital document labeled with their full name (in Word or PDF format) to:
Once the instructor has accepted and approved your eligibility and admission into the course, you will be prompted to pay.

Required materials:
Participants must submit the following materials:

  • A one-page cover letter with full contact information. This letter should detail the stage the script is currently in. Writers are to detail their perceived weakness on the project and how they can benefit from this lab.
  • Short bio of work experience. (100 word maximum)
  • A PDF version of your script with the participants name and contact details of screenwriters. Scripts must use of proper screenwriting formatting as provided in screenwriting software like Movie Magic Screenwriter, or Final Draft.  

About the instructor:

Linda Coffey is one of the very few story editors in Canada to have worked successfully in every aspect of both film and television development and production. After working as consultant to the Faculty of Commerce at UBC, Linda spent eight years as an Executive Script Consultant in charge of western-based drama development for the CBC. Here she was responsible for the development and production of both series and movie projects.

Coffey left to have children and to again pursue her own writing. She has story edited and consulted on hundreds of hours of television and feature film projects. She was a freelance external drama consultant for the CBC (2003-2007) the only outside drama consultant the CBC has ever contracted. She was also an external project analyst with Telefilm for 12 years. She has also written a number of commissioned scripts for documentary films, feature films and television series. She was the creator of a children’s multi media web based environmental series. Linda has several projects currently in development. Linda has also designed and taught a number of Workshops and Master classes for film and television Writers and Directors. She has been a Guest Mentor with WIDC since 2006.

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