One-on-one Career Coaching for Film Professionals with HR Strategies INC.

January 29th (Lecture: 6PM – 8PM includes a 30 minutes Q&A)
One-on-one session: Jan. 30 & 31, 2021 via Zoom
$50 registration fee

You can register online here (Select one-on-one with Dan)

The fast-paced nature of film industry projects requires prompt, clear and effective communication to get things done which others are depending on. Conflict or misunderstandings can add further cause stress to already high stress situations.

Given that there is no time for traditional meetings, one idea is that leaders can start off each project with a short Crew chat, beginning with, “Here’s the deal! This is how I want to work with you so that you, our Crew and this project are successful! My job is to support you, but also hold you to account to do your best.”

This is a positive, supportive message for most people and a “shot across the bow” for those who tend to be “difficult”.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Coaching Performance
  • Conflict Management/Assertiveness
  • Leadership / Influencing
  • Employee Relations
  • Respectful Workplaces

About the instructor:
Daniel M. Furlan B.A., CPHR/SHRM, is a seasoned Human Resource Management Professional, with an extensive background in both human resource management and training and development. Dan has instructed for Film Training Manitoba and also been involved in candidate searches for a number of Manitoba film and television organizations.

This knowledge and expertise has been gained over 35 years in related roles as a specialist, manager and consultant in a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, the financial and service industries, telecommunications, health care, non-profit agencies and the public service sector.

More specifically, his experience includes:

  • Over ten years human resource consulting to support small business and non-profit organizations
  • Initial human resource internship in the federal public service
  • Human Resources Director at a hospital with 500 employees
  • Human Resources Manager in manufacturing firms (500-1,400 employees)
  • Human Resources Consultant general HR consulting and financial organizations
  • Management Development Manager, telecommunications industry
  • District Human Resources Manager service industry
  • College and university-Course Designer and Instructor in management programs
  • Human Resources Consultant and Coach

2 Responses to “One-on-one Career Coaching for Film Professionals with HR Strategies INC.”

  1. Manfred Gay

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for organizing this workshop! I’m very interested in the workshop. I’ve already registered.
    Just not sure if the topic I would like to discuss during the One-On-One session pertains to HR (maybe it is an accounting topic). Topic is: Hiring a part-time employee to help me with some some administrative/marketing duties in my small business (incorporated).
    Can you please help me clarify if Dany can help with that?

    Thanks in advance,



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