Introduction to COVID-19 Supervision for the Film Industry

February 13, 2021 12:30PM – 4:30PM on Zoom

$20 registration fee
You can register online here (select COVID-19 Supervision for the film Industry)

About the session
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film industry has developed protocols to mitigate risk for film and television productions and their employees. Bio-hazards such as COVID-19, Norwalk virus and cold and flu viruses can spread rapidly in workplaces. To ensure a higher level of safety for sets, productions have been employing COVID-19 Supervisors to ensure compliance of Provincial Health orders while in production. FTM is providing this session to aid anyone wanting to learn more about COVID-19 Supervisory best practices. This training is open anyone interested in learning more about COVID-19 Supervision.
FTM is recommending this training for anyone that is working current as a COVID-19 Supervisor, individuals that have education and experience in healthcare (such as nurses, paramedics), as well as workplace Health and Safety officers.

Topics include:

  • Communicating & educating crew on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The role of a COVID-19 Supervisor: cast and crew vs “PPE Police” & integrating to set.
  • Role of the employer and employee.
  • Dealing with conflicts and workplace stress, maintaining confidentiality and personal and private health information.
  • Testing and how it works.
  • Importance of reporting & documentation.
  • Establishing COVID-19 resources.
  • Navigating common challenges.

About the instructors
Ellen Rutter is a seasoned Manitoba based Production Manager and Producer. Ellen is a member of DGC-MB and has instructed FTM training courses and served as an FTM mentor to upgrade the skill. In addition, Ellen was recently elected to FTM’s board of director.

Nicole Loewen has a background in nursing and has also worked as an actor and filmmaker. Nicole recently served as a COVID-19 Supervisor on the CBC series Burden of Truth, along with her team of two assistants and two cleaners.

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