Supervisory Series: Effective Communication Skills for New Supervisors

January 23 + 24, 2021
10:00am – 12:00pm

Zoom session

Upon successful completion, or with at least 24 hours advanced notice to FTM of a participant’s inability to attend the workshop, FTM will return your deposit to you. Participants who do not attend without providing notice will not have their deposit returned.

To register you can click the following link and select “Communication Skills with Holly.” –

Most supervisors are challenged to find the time and the most effective methods for communicating information in a timely and open manner to their team. Add in a few difficult team members to a dynamic, fast-paced work environment and it is no wonder that new supervisors often struggle with delivering difficult messages. This half-day program provides foundational tools for supervisors to improve their communication skills and effectively engage with their team in a variety of situations.

About the Instructor
Holly Palmer
has a diverse career background that spans over 30 years and includes many higher profile roles and responsibilities in both the private and public sectors. As a senior member of the team her role has been to provide strategic leadership as well as ongoing organizational development and direction within numerous organizations ranging from family owned businesses to billion dollar operations. Much of her work history has involved economic development work and extensive experience with entrepreneurs.

The most notable successes and acquired skills are in areas of leadership, strategic project and program planning, analysis and implementation, human resource management, issues and conflict management, as well as strong consulting and strategic partnership building.

She is a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator, who has many years of experience in the research, development and facilitation of training. She also has her certification in interest based conflict management (mediation and negotiation). Much of Holly’s success has been as a result of building and maintaining strong relationships based on trust and collaboration.
She has a very holistic approach to planning, problem solving and conflict resolution.

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