FTM’s Careers in Film Panel Session at the UWPG Film Festival 2020

Thank you to UWPG Film Festival, and our special partner Manitoba Film and Music for working with Film Training Manitoba (FTM) to conducted a one-hour panel with a group of film industry professionals. During this moderated session, the panelists spoke about their personal experiences about the film industry’s various jobs and careers as well as tips and best practices — we also took questions from the participants. Also a big thanks to our film industry professionals Shelly Anthis, Ami Buhler, Allison Bile, Mauro Ferritto, Louise O’Brian, and Miranda Moroz for your excellent advice!

You can check out the full session Here.

FTM is a member of the Province of Manitoba’s Sector Council program. FTM provides workforce development and training to support the growth of Manitoba’s dynamic film industry.

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