Manitoba’s Film Industry is Looking for COVID-19 Health and Safety Supervisors

Due to COVID-19, a number of Manitoba film productions have been contacting Film Training Manitoba for referrals for Manitoba residents that can potentially work in health and safety capacities on film productions.  

Manitoba Productions have expressed an interest in individuals with medical training on infectious diseases and biohazards. In addition, knowledge of film production is also an asset.

Many film productions have been hiring COVID-19 health and safety supervisors to oversee COVID-19 safety protocols. Please provide FTM with a cover letter and resume of your experience and FTM can potentially share your information.

Please send your materials to:   

Please put in the subject line: COVID-19 Health and Safety Supervisors

If you have any questions please call: (204) 989-9669
Please leave a message and an FTM staff member will follow up with you.

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