Judah Lyunade Awarded Best Director Award at the 2020 UWPG Film Festival

Film Training Manitoba (FTM) is proud to have sponsored the Best Director award at the 2020 UWPG Film Festival. Manitoba filmmaker Judah Lyunade took home the award for his film, Transcension. This film explores the black body’s relationship with space in diaspora but on a very personal level. 

“When I was creating this film I wanted to showcase how we can be easily alienated in this colonial space we currently exist in, it’s like we have always been the other. The poem is a call to action to understand our significance in the creation of the white space and how we must address ourselves moving forward, I also see it as the perfect backdrop for this film.” said Lyunade.

FTM actively supports Manitoba based film professionals through workforce develop and training programs, outreach and career counselling to the public, “FTM encourages our young filmmakers to continue their hardworking and creativity. FTM appreciates the opportunity to celebrate and recognize Judah’s success as an important new voice in our creative medium.” said FTM’s Managing Director Adam Smoluk.

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