The Manitoba Media Production Industry COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide has been released. 

This guide is supplemental to, and is not a replacement for, the requirements stipulated by the Government of Manitoba to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The intention is to provide recommendations/best practices to assist employers, employees, contractors and others regarding implementation of the distancing, cleaning, hygiene, and related practices required by Manitoba Government regulation. 

The Guide was developed by the On Screen Manitoba (OSM)’s Producer Committee and included researching best practices in other jurisdictions, interviews with crew members and review by local industry stakeholders including IATSE 856, DGC and ACTRA. OSM will update the Guide regularly and provide additional resources as they come available.

This Guide has been endorsed by the members of the OSM Producer’s Committee. All Manitoba production companies have been encouraged to add their signatures to the undertaking by contacting Nicole Matiation, Executive Director or Co-Chairs of the OSM Producer Committee Leslea Mair and Chris McIvor.

Film Training Manitoba and OSM are currently working with Manitoba’s stakeholders to develop COVID-19 Health and Safety Training Sessions, dates and information regarding the programs will be provided as soon as details are confirmed.

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