FTM and our partners Frank Digital and Les Production Midcan have completed the sold out FILM EXPO 2020. During the session, participants received hands-on learning and explore sample-shooting scenarios. The instructors created problems and show the participants how to solve them. Test footage was shot and prepared for review to see if the intended image quality was achieved. During day two of the course, a post-production supervisor led the participants through a direct side-by-side comparison of each camera system, allowing the participants to see first-hand advantages and benefits each camera system. Workflow was reviewed and participants learned about the costs, benefits and advantages of each camera. “FTM engages with high-calibre partners in the private sector like Frank Digital and Les Production Midcan to deliver world-class training for Manitoba film and television professionals. We simply could not carry out this initiative without our exceptional partners.” Said FTM Managing Director Adam Smoluk FTM wishes to thank all of the industry professionals and our instructors that supported the planning of the programming of FILM EXPO 2020 — thank you to Wayne Sheldon, Chris McIvor, Stephen Recksiedler, Joao Holowka, Libby Lea, Kelly Dodds, Tanner Grywinski, Julie Arnal,  Breydon Musick, Andrew Shire, Andrew Forbes, George Orallo, Scott Carnegie and FTM staff Allison Bile, Mauro Ferrito, Kathe Mesman and Erin Hembrador.   For more information contact: Senior Programs & Communications Manager  |  Mauro Ferritto Phone: 204.989.9669 ext.3 Email: mauro@filmtraining.mb.ca

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