FTM’s 20th Anniversary Presents: 20 For the 20th – Reel Careers Profile Series

In celebration of Film Training Manitoba (FTM)’s 20th Anniversary, we will be profiling a select group of dynamic Manitoba based media production professionals that have instructed for FTM, served as a mentor, completed our internship program and/or are a part of FTM’s team, over the next 20 weeks. The subjects of the interview series will discuss the departments they work in, their professional background and ideas about how new workers can get involved in Manitoba’s media production industry.

Manitoba has a dynamic and growing media production industry and FTM wants to share the stories of our talented professionals that make that happen! We will be posting these profiles bi-weekly so please stay tuned this new initiative. Our first profile is coming this week!

FTM’s goal is to develop a highly skilled and adaptable workforce to support the activities of Manitoba production companies. FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community. With this information we can offer practical, skill-based training that is targeted where labour gaps occur.

For more information please contact:

Senior Manager –  Programs & Communications  |  Mauro Ferritto
Phone: 204.989.9669 ext.3
Email: mauro@filmtraining.mb.ca

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