EXPO 2011 – Announcing New (lower) Pricing!

3D Camera Intensive Series

in partnership with Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Featuring the Kernercam KC7000 3D stereoscopic camera rig

October 21 – 23 | $200.00 *includes registration for the 3D Exploratory Workshop

Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film, University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street

*Registration deadline – October 18th

Participants will learn how to build, maintain and change configurations of the Kernercam 3D Rig.  The rig is an over/under front-surface mirror design utilizing two Sony HDC-P1 cameras; each mounted with matching fujinon 18×7.6 c-series zooms. All the functions of the cameras, such as focus, zoom, aperture, etc., are operated by motorized wireless controls.

The workshop will begin with a general overview of the Kernercam camera rig, including how to assemble the rig; set it to zero and check the alignment; basic care and mirror cleaning, and how to dismantle and pack the rig in cases. After the general overview, participants will have the opportunity to transport the rig in its case, to get a feel for how it travels.

After a mid-day break, participants will return to the workshop and begin to assemble the rig. They will review the full rig alignment procedure, including the alignment environment, tools and monitors; solid rig mounting; and test charts and target lights. Participants will assemble the cameras to sleds, mount lenses, adjust zoom tracking, preset the rig adjustments and mount the cameras.

The Kernercam has been used on a number of feature films including 3D elements for Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean IV and more recently action miniatures on Transformers III.

Note: Participants of this workshop series will work with Marty Brenneis and Sean Arden to operate the Kernercam 3D Rig as part of the 3D Exploratory Workshop.


3D Exploratory Workshop

in partnership with Emily Carr University of Art + Design

With Karl Herrmann, Marty Brenneis, John Reeve, Alan Goldman, Sean Arden and Denise Quesnel

Featuring the Kernercam KC7000 3D stereoscopic camera rig with two Sony HDC-P1 cameras, and the Genus Hurricane 3D Camera Rig with two SI-2K cameras

October 22 & 23 | $175.00 (Registration deadline – October 18th)

Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film, University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street

*registration for this workshop will include registration to the 3D Filmmaking Symposium on Friday, October 21.

This is a two-day interactive workshop where participants will experience the nuances on set between 2D and 3D using the latest stereoscopic image capture tools. As a participant of this workshop, you will learn how production and post-production workflow is changing and how the new technology changes how the industry produces, directs and budgets for 3D. Participants will watch the playback live on a large 3D-screen monitor and projected in 3D on a big screen.

This workshop will begin with a basic introduction to 3D filmmaking. You will be taught composition, and the different types of shots and blocking used exclusively in 3D filmmaking, as well as how important your lighting choices are when working in 3D. The instructors will review camera movements, how to adjust convergence, as well as pulling focus and zooming. The instructors will also deliver instruction on 3D camera rig types and working examples, and participants will be shown how a Stereo Image Processor can save valuable time by allowing you to converge in post-production.

This is an excellent opportunity for the local film and television industry to engage with experienced instructors in the field of 3D filmmaking. Both the Kernercam KC7000 3D stereoscopic camera rig and the Genus Hurricane 3D Camera Rig have never been seen in Winnipeg until this event.


3D Filmmaking Symposium

with Stereographer John Reeve

This event is brought to you in partnership with On Screen Manitoba

October 21st | 1:15 pm – 3 pm | $25 (*RSVP required)

Empire Grant Park 8 Cinemas – 1120 Grant Avenue, Grant Park Shopping Centre

Are you thinking about making a 3D project? Do you want your company to make the move into 3D but you don’t know where to start? Are you simply curious about 3D? Join Stereographer John Reeves as he guides the participants of this symposium through an audio-visual 3D presentation. By the time you leave this event, you will be equipped with a thorough understanding of the differences between shooting in 2D and 3D.

During this session, John will explain what tools are needed to film a project in 3D, and what personnel you will need to operate the equipment and execute your project successfully. Reeve will also offer a detailed explanation on the differences between shooting in 2D vs. 3D, and how to identify if 3D is the right choice for your project. There will be a segment on how to avoid the high costs of unchartered territory, and tips will be given on how to plan a 3D production from start to finish.

This symposium is designed for industry professionals. Filmmakers and crewmembers are encouraged to attend for a more in-depth look at the differences between 2D and 3D technologies.



Genus Hurricane 3D Camera Rig Equipment Demonstration

Brought to you in partnership with Amaya Foto, a Division of Amplis Foto and featuring two SI-2K cameras and 2 Canon video dslr’s

October 21| 7 pm – 9 pm | FREE (*limited space, please RSVP)

Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film, University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street

The Genus Hurricane Rig offers incredible performance, professional features, and a lightweight flexible design that rivals that of the S3D beam splitter rigs.

A demonstration of the Genus Hurricane 3D Camera Rig will be given by Ron Steinberg, Brand Manager at Amaya Foto (a Division of Amplis Foto). During this demo you will see how easy it is to operate the rig through the manual control of camera alignment and camera adjustment; how to assemble the rig; and how to set up the auxiliary equipment and maintenance. The demo will be followed by a Q & A period.

The rig is already finding a home in stereoscopic Movie and Commercial production around the world. Genus Hurricane 3D rigs were recently used to shoot the movie Night of the Living Dead 3D: ReAnimation, and Inside the line: the Indy 500, a 3D documentary produced by New Wave Entertainment. The Genus Hurricane 3D Camera Rig has won the prestigious DV Black Diamond Award for Best of Show NAB 2011. The DV Black Diamond Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the advancement of the art and science of video technology.



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