Film Training Manitoba’s Transmedia Production Lab

FTM Congratulates the Transmedia Production Lab Participants!

Film Training Manitoba gathered together a group of talented trainees and mentors for a weeklong production experiment designed to help participants explore the creative challenges of developing a multi-platform project from start to finish.

The FTM Transmedia Production Lab saw participants split into two groups, and guided by two new media experts, Tony Walsh and Ryan FitzGerald. Each group consisted of both mentors and trainees working in tandem to produce several short form transmedia project prototypes.

“One of the main goals of the lab is to help producers and crewmembers to better understand digital media platforms. I think this training model opens up a world of digital possibilities”, says Neila Benson, Executive Director of Film Training Manitoba.

This lab was specifically designed for the trainee participants to pair up with mentors in their chosen discipline. Teams worked collaboratively during pre and post-production, providing mentors the opportunity for one-on-one consultations with their trainees.  The following people were chosen after an extensive application process:

The Mentor Team
Derek Luis – Producer
John Barnard  – Director / Editor
Sarah Constible  – Writer
Andrew Forbes  – DP/Cinematographer
Gord Tanner, Ross McMillan – Actors
Scott Gillam – Graphic Designer / Artist
Darren Mak – Programmer

The Trainee Team

Jim Agapito – Producer
Quinn Merkeley – Director / Editor
Conrad Sweatman – Writer
Devon Unrau – DP/Cinematographer
Ali Tataryn, Dean Harder – Actors
Adrian Shum – Graphic Designer / Artist
Dylan Fries – Programmer

The final projects will be screened at the end of the week for members of the local film and television industry.

FTM would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support of this training event;

New Media Manitoba

William F. Whites

MidCan Production Services

Farpoint Films

City of Winnipeg’s Film and Special Events Office

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