Deadline this Thursday, September 2nd! FTM Transmedia Production Lab

In collaboration with New Media Manitoba, the TPL was designed to explore the creative challenges of developing multiplatform content from the ground up.  Trainees and their mentors will be immersed in an intensive week of practical transmedia production, culminating in the creation of a series of new multiplatform prototypes.  Fundamental concepts underlying transmedia production will be explored, such as:

  • how to manifest a story on different platforms using different strategies
  • the role of the audience and how they experience interactive media
  • the pipeline and workflow of how successful teams work together
  • the important elements of successful convergent media


Ryan FitzGerald (ROGUE NATION STUDIO) has taught convergence media (aka; transmedia) nationally for the Cultural Human Resource Council, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and most recently at Melting Silos for the National Film Board. Ryan is the recent winner of the 2010 Rogers and Manitoba Film & Music $15,000 Pitch, presented by On Screen Manitoba.


Sixteen individuals will be selected to participate in a six-day training lab. The 16 selected participants will be formed into two teams; a mentor team and a trainee team. Each team will envision, produce and give life to five short form transmedia projects.  Teams will work collaboratively during pre and post-production, providing mentors the opportunity for one-on-one consultation with the trainees.  Each day will flow in the following way: delivery of an in-class learning component, planning, shoot, post, and review of each project.


– Application deadline: Thursday, September 2, 2010

– Lab dates: October 15-21, 2010 (Fri. Oct. 15th and Thurs. Oct. 21st are evenings.  Oct.16th – 20th are full days, 9am – 6pm)


This competition is open to residents of Manitoba only. Previous experience with transmedia is not required.


We are looking for experienced directors, writers, producers, project managers, graphic designers, programmers, and actors from film, television, and new media, who are open to working collaboratively on cross platform content. Mentors will be selected according to each applicant’s demonstrated level of expertise in their field. The mentors will be required to work with, share skills with, and impart knowledge to their equivalent role on the trainee team. The mentors will be required to sign a letter of agreement, and 1-2 page-training summary upon completion of the lab. Mentors will receive an honorarium. Please contact us for details.


We are looking for emerging film and television and new media professionals looking to gain the knowledge and skills to work on Transmedia projects.

Course Fee

The trainees registration fee is $200, payable upon acceptance into the program.

This course has been valued at $2000. Film Training Manitoba is pleased to offer our training at a subsidized cost for the MB film industry.

Application Process

All applicants must submit a complete package (see application form) by September 2, 2010. A jury of industry professionals will review the application packages and select candidates for both teams. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by email.

TPL Application Form


Rose-Anne Harder, Training Coordinator, Film Training Manitoba Ph:  204-989-9663  Email:

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