Interesting facts about FTM’s Work Experience Program

Did you know?

– This spring, FTM placed 19 trainees with eight different productions. These placements were subsidized by Film Training Manitoba.

– In addition to placing trainees, FTM gathered resumes from dozens of interested candidates and was able to assist over twelve of them find work on a production.

– FTM partners with local production companies to offer work experience training. These placements provide on-the-job training to both new and established crewmembers.

– There are different types of work experience placements, all designed to adapt to the various training needs of each individual production.

– Working closely with IATSE local 856 and the DGC Manitoba, FTM assesses candidates who are applying to the work experience program to find the right fit for them in a film environment. These assessments are based on the current needs of our industry, and the skill level of the candidates.

– In addition to our workshop training and community outreach program, FTM gathers information from the local industry and works hard to fill positions based on targeted departments in most need of crew development.

For more information on FTM’s work experience program, please contact us at 989-9669, or visit our website at

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