Praxis announces Story Editing Internship

Story Editing Internship

The Story Editing Internship 2010 is now accepting applications.

The opportunities for our Interns to observe and work with senior professionals are invaluable for developing the complex skills required – not only the ability to analyze story, character, genre and theme, but also the interpersonal skills required in the delicate task of guiding creative work and mediating between writer and producer.

The training program for 2010 includes:

1. Participation in the Praxis Summer Workshop, a series of script readings and discussions, followed by private sessions between Praxis advisors and their writers. The Interns will also attend meetings with producers and other professionals who advise the writers on both creative and practical issues.

2. Each Intern will be placed in a Production Company in her/his region for a two or three week position to gain practical training and experience.

3. A supervised story editing project, following the June session, in which each Intern will be paired with fourth year SFU film students to work on their final projects.

The Story Editor Internship is open to interested individuals from all over Canada.

Please note that there is one bursary to cover travel expenses for a successful applicant from outside of the Lower Mainland.  Signify on your application if you wish to apply for this bursary.

All applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

Applications must include:

• a letter describing your experience and intent, and how you expect to benefit from the internship

• a brief resumé

• the names and contact information of three references

• three samples of script analysis that you’ve written for feature film scripts (professional script analysis or professional script analysis formatting is preferable)

Deadline for applications is Friday, May 1st.  All applications must arrive at Praxis by 5pm PT May 1st.

Send your package to the Praxis office: Suite 3120 – 515 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC  V6B 5K3

For more information on Praxis and its programs, please visit their website at

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