Film Training Manitoba, the PTE School, and ACTRA are pleased to bring you Creative Casting: explore how the casting process works!

March 14th |1 pm – 3 pm | FREE for ACTRA members, $5 for non-members
Colin Jackson Studio | Prairie Theatre Exchange | 3rd Floor Portage Place
There will be a Q&A following the panel discussion.

Auditions can be nerve-wracking for even the most experienced actors. They are essentially a job interview, used in the casting process to demonstrate the level and range of a performer’s talent. Regardless of the role you are auditioning to fill, you need to be prepared when you arrive to perform.  Many new actors have misconceptions about how the casting process works. More often than not, beginning actors are not sure who’s involved, who finds the actor to audition, who makes the decisions, and what the steps are throughout this process.

All auditions have requirements, making the casting process complex and selective. Casting directors meet with thousands of actors over the course of a given year. They must determine whether an actor fits the look of a character as well as whether or not that particular actor would be believable in the role they are casting. This seminar will unlock the mysteries of the casting process in order to discover what the key players involved are looking for, and how you can improve your own audition process as a professional actor.

Ross McMillan – Actor, Less Than Kind, The Stone Angel, and Walk All Over Me

Kim Todd – President and Founder of Original Pictures, Producer Locked Down and Falcon Beach
Shawn Watson – Vice President, Scripted Programming Frantic Films, Producer
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story
Gary Yates – Director, Writer, and Producer High Life and Seven Times Lucky, Director Shadow Island Mysteries
Jim Heber – Casting Director, The Haunting in Connecticut and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Sarah Constible – Actor Highlife and Writer of and Actor in House Party

For more information, or to book your spot in this seminar, please contact:

Film Training Manitoba
Ph: 989.9669

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