2010 Script Analysis Program with Marlene Rodgers

Film Training Manitoba and the National Screen Institute present
“2010 Script Analysis Program with Marlene Rodgers”

The Script Analysis Program with Marlene Rodgers is a unique opportunity for three selected Manitoba feature film projects to benefit from working with an experienced story editor, the goal being to develop a market-ready feature film project. Feature length scripts and treatments of all genres are eligible. Training will take place June through August, 2010.


This competition is open to residents of Manitoba only. Solo writers, teams of two writers who are collaborating on a screenplay, or two person teams comprised of one writer and one producer are eligible to apply.  In any case, a maximum of two people per selected project will participate in the training.

Application Process

Applicants must apply with either a completed draft of a screenplay approximately 80 to 125 pages in length or with a treatment approximately 20 to 30 pages in length (max. 30 pp), plus two sample scenes; a completed application package (see next page); and a non-refundable submission fee of $95 for each script ($30 application fee $65 for the reader’s report), by noon Friday, April 23rd. Incomplete packages will not be considered. Submissions by fax or email will not be accepted. The market value of the training is $3000.00.

Application Form: Script Application Form

Province of Manitoba Forms:

Consents and Privacy Notice

Province of Manitoba form

Admission to the program will be highly competitive.  A jury comprised of three industry professionals who work for local production companies will read each submission. Applicants’ identities will not be revealed to the judges.  The three finalists will be determined in May. Following the judging period, the remaining applicants will receive a one-page reader’s report from the jury in June. These reports will provide insight to help writers improve their work. To ensure that you get the most out of your reports, make sure that the script is properly formatted and proofread it before sending it to us.  Please Note: All rights remain with the writer. FTM and NSI have no proprietary interest in the projects.

WHAT’S INVOLVED (schedule subject to change)

  1. First Script Consultation takes place at the beginning of June – Marlene will meet with the three finalists over a weekend.  Day One – meet as a group; Day Two – each writer or writer team meets individually with Marlene
  2. Writers will then have 4 weeks to work on a rewrite based on the notes received from the first Script Consultation*
  3. Second Script Consultation with Marlene takes place mid to late July. Note: these notes will be provided via phone or by email
  4. Writers will then have 4 weeks to work on a rewrite resulting from the second set of notes
  5. Scripts are delivered to Marlene for her final review in mid to late August.
  6. Table Read: end of August – Marlene returns to Winnipeg for a weekend to facilitate a table read of each script using actors
  7. Final Notes – following the table read Marlene will deliver final notes in group and individual discussions.

Writers should leave each session with a clear direction of how to proceed through the next draft.
*Note: If your treatment is selected we will expect a complete draft of the script submitted for the second script consultation.


Marlene Rodgers is a writer, producer, and story editor who loves to help filmmakers tell their stories.  Early in her career, she worked as a development executive at Canadian funding agencies and the CBC Movies and Mini-Series Unit.  As a story editor, Marlene has assisted countless screenwriters in bringing their vision to the page, and has mentored filmmakers at the NSI, the CFC and Praxis. She works primarily in the independent feature film sector, but also story edits on television series for the Food Network and W Network.  Marlene is currently developing her first feature film, SKIN TO SKIN, which is anticipated to shoot in 2010.

Contact Film Training Manitoba at 989-9669 or info@filmtraining.mb.ca

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