Online Courses

FTM is pleased to offer online courses through our website, which are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

You need to register, make payment with Film Training Manitoba, and successfully complete the online test to receive a confirmation of completion. Once payment has been made we will email you a link to the online course, along with a username and password.

Note: Please allow us up to 2 business days to process payment.

Three ways to register with FTM:

  • Contact FTM and provide your Visa or MasterCard information over the phone
  • Visit the FTM office with cash, MasterCard or a Visa.

To contact FTM, please call us at (204) 989-9669 or email:

Course Details

You have one month to complete the online course, which takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete. In order to receive confirmation of completion, a passing grade of 80% is required. You may re-write the test as often as you like, however a $20 fee will apply each time.

*New* Participants who have once taken an online course and are looking to re-fresh their knowledge of any online course – as information gets updated over the years – may do so for $20.

Tests results are released at the beginning and the middle of every month.

Note: FTM can reprint a copy of your course certificate. A $10 fee will apply per certificate. Please call us for more information.

Individual Course Pricing:

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) – $40.00
The objective of the WHMIS course is to provide the information and skills required to work with WHMIS-controlled products safely. FTM’s WHMIS course is tailored for the film industry. Topics include: WHMIS symbols & labels, classification of controlled products, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and controlled products handling and usage.

Locations – $50.00
The Locations/Flagperson course provides training in the roles and responsibilities of the Locations Department. Topics include: the implementation of logistical plans for the production unit; professional standards of conduct including maintaining filming locations per contracts and monitoring the safety of cast, crew and the public; and the provincial laws governing traffic control on streets, roads and highways.

Intro to Paper – $50.00
An introduction to the many forms and documents encountered when working on a film or television project (or “show”). This course outlines the standard paperwork used in production offices including: the start pack, scheduling documents, call sheets, sides, the daily production report, and accounting forms.

Set Orientation – $80.00
Set Orientation encompasses an understanding of the filmmaking process, and includes familiarity with the various procedures that are vitally important for communication and scheduling on a day-to-day basis. Since productions can employ many people in diverse fields, crewmembers rely on set etiquette for standards of behavior, terminology, and communication between departments.

Safety Awareness – $40.00
This course explores the potential hazards and procedures to follow in order to keep those around you safe and healthy. Participants receive instruction on the use of special protective equipment, location of first aid and emergency response equipment, and procedural information regarding reportage of unsafe or potentially dangerous conditions that could affect workers, co-workers or third parties.

Propane Safety – $35.00
This course provides practical information on the safe handling techniques of propane. Participants are introduced to the basics of proper storage, operation, and refueling of propane cylinders. Also outlined are fire safety procedures and the uses for propane on set.

The Business of Acting – Part One $50.00 / Part Two $50.00
Business is an integral part of being a professional actor. This course has been developed to help you better understand the conditions you are working under and the industry you are in – on and off set, before, during and after the potential role ever takes place. To prepare you for the rewards of working as a professional actor, you must first accept the responsibilities that come with the “role”.

Part 1 – Fundamentals of Professionalism -Participants will be introduced to many of the business essentials of working as a professional actor. Course topics Include: marketing to casting directors, headshots, resumes, preparing for an audition, Jim Heber’s audition FAQ’s, actor/agent relationship and a day in the life of a speaking role. This course is open to all actors.

Part 2 – ACTRA Intensive – This course is designed specifically for actors who are eligible to join ACTRA as an Apprentice or Full Member. This section takes participants through an intensive introduction to the rights and responsibilities of being an ACTRA member, work permits, credits, agreements, full member benefits, and tax issues for self-employed artists.

Courses Required by:

IATSE 856 – Bundled price $100 ($20 savings)

  • Set Orientation

IATSE 669 – Bundled price $130 ($25 savings)

  • Set Orientation
  • Safety Awareness

Directors Guild of Canada (DGC)* – Bundled price $210 ($45 savings)

  • Set Orientation
  • Locations
  • Intro to Paper
  • Safety Awareness
  • Propane Safety

*Note: FTM offers a Traffic Awareness for the Film Industry workshop, typically done once a year in the spring. This workshop is a requirement for membership into the DGC. If there’s enough demand, a second workshop will occasionally take place later in the year – around the fall. To ensure you have a spot for this course we recommend you register for the spring workshop.


All online videos can be viewed by selecting the link below. The latest version of Quicktime is required to open these videos.

Set Terminology
General Set Ettiquette
Blocking, Lighting, Rehearsal
Working with Actors
Set Safety
Weather Considerations
Job Descriptions