Career Focus Crew Internship Program

The 2018-2019 Crew Internship Program

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Generously supported by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Career Focus program supports on the job training for new crew members in film, television and the screen based projects. FTM matches post-secondary graduates with production companies or film related businesses. Under the guidance of an industry professional, the participants will further develop their skills through hands on training with production companies and /or film related businesses such as equipment houses or production facilities.

Production companies must be able to provide up to 560 of work for the participants for up to a 14-week period.

Placements must be completed by Friday March 29th, 2019

Note: Short films, student films, and commercials are not eligible for this program.

Participant Eligibility:

  • Must be 30 years old or under
  • Must be a Canadian citizen permanent resident or person on whom refugee status has been conferred
  • Must be a resident of Manitoba and legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not be in receipt of Employment Insurance Benefits (EI) or Employment and Income Assistance

Career Focus activities are tailored to meet the needs of the industry. Priority will be given to departments where future employment is most likely. The intern is paired with an experienced trainer approved by FTM and the production company.

Companies pay the intern directly at rate of $19.00 per hour. Up to four hours of overtime is allowed per day. Companies are reimbursed a portion of the Intern’s wages at a rate of $14.00 per hour for regular hours and $21.00 per hour for overtime.

Companies are required to sign a contract with FTM, the trainer and the intern, thereby permitting the training to take place on the production or with the production company. The company also agrees to complete a written training evaluation for all interns.

The placement company is required to pay the employer’s portion of the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Vacation Pay and Workers Compensation. The company must submit all required documents (signed agreements, time sheets, evaluations) prior to being reimbursed by FTM.

The company is required to provide craft services and catering to the interns during their placement if craft services are being provided to the regular crewmembers.

Local labour organizations must approve placements on all unionized projects. Career Focus interns cannot replace a unionized crewmember.

*Note for production companies: to be eligible for this program you must complete FTM’s LMI survey.


The Career Focus Crew Internship Program is a training opportunity. No guarantees are made regarding future employment in the film industry.

Thank you to the ESDC for making this possible – Funding for this program is provided by Employment and Social Development Canada.