Lighting and Grip Bootcamp with João Holowka & Terence Fuller

Film Training Manitoba is pleased to present this 2-day workshop for those interested in learning more about working in the Lighting and Grip Departments. Through hands-on practical exercises, participants will learn how to scout and rig locations, manipulate the existing lights and create an acceptable exposure and color balance. Read more here

Set Orientation, Safety Awareness, and Respect in the Workplace

This one-day workshop will cover topics such as: Set Orientation Surviving your first days and weeks on a film set Understanding the hierarchy and protocol Dealing with the deal memo Workplace Safety Understanding that Workplace Safety is everyone’s responsibility Learning the employers and employees responsibilities Reporting safety concerns Health & safety in the workplace to […]

Advanced On-Camera with Aaron Craven

Don’t miss a rare chance to hone your craft with one of Vancouver’s busiest actors and an in-demand acting coach. Aaron will start each day with a Q and A discussion covering the business and craft of acting, the audition process and practical tips for working on set.  Each day will also feature an extensive warm […]

Best Practices for The Locations Department

  About the course This course’s main focus will be on working with the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba to acquire permits and permission, as well as preserving locations when shooting. The instructors will cover all aspects of assisting people in navigating through the City and Province to get the necessary permissions […]