About FTM

Film Training Manitoba’s goal is to develop a highly skilled and adaptable workforce to support the activities of Manitoba production companies.

FTM collaborates with members of the film and television industry to identify the training needs within the community. With this information we can offer practical, skill-based training that is targeted where labour gaps occur.


FTM’s online courses make training easily accessible! Through our website, FTM offers the basic courses for membership to IATSE Local 856 & Local 669, and the Director’s Guild of Canada – Manitoba District Council.

FTM workshops are designed to offer Manitoba crews the opportunity to train for advancement within the industry. We deliver practical workshops that provide entry-level and advanced skill development for Manitoba crewmembers and we also collaborate with labour organizations and industry partners to put together workshops and presentations that provide our local crewmembers with advanced training and professional development opportunities.

FTM also offers extensive training for the development of writers, directors and producers, and works closely with ACTRA MB to develop courses for Manitoba’s acting community.

FTM recognizes the value of working with established institutions to lay the foundation for the future by partnering with post-secondary institutions. FTM has collaborated with Red River College to deliver the Intro to Film Crew course through their Continuing Education department. In 2011, Red River renamed the course Film Crew Training: Introduction and it is being delivered both in-class and online.

Work Experience

FTM partners with local production companies to offer work experience opportunities. We work closely with IATSE 856 and DGC Manitoba to assess candidates applying to our work experience training programs and determine the level of training needed. All work experience opportunities occur within active film environments such as film sets, production offices or related facilities.

FTM’s wage subsidized work placements give interns the experience and professional growth they need to sustain a career in the film industry.

Our crew mentorship program offers mid to advanced-level training for crewmembers that want to move to a higher position in their department.

We provide subsidies to production companies that upgrade crewmembers who are advancing to a more senior position on a production. FTM works with these production companies to identify eligible crew and develop a training plan for each individual.


FTM recognizes the importance of community outreach and we frequently liaise with educational and training institutions, as well as various organizations, to build support for Manitoba’s film and television industry. We conduct year-round visits to trade schools, universities, colleges and high schools to provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about a career in film and television.

FTM staff is also available for career guidance and one-on-one consultations. Anyone can book an appointment with a training coordinator to discuss mapping his or her path to success in Manitoba’s film industry.

Sector Councils and What We Do

Film Training Manitoba is a sector council funded by the provincial department Industry Services of Manitoba Education and Training. 

What Are Sector Councils?
Sector Councils are organizations dedicated to human resource development.

Sector Councils bring industry partners together to develop human resources solutions that are specific to their sector or industry. By acting as a bridge between different companies sector councils address human resources challenges, which benefit all industry partners.

Having industry work with sector councils helps employers and workers by creating solutions that are tailored to the community’s needs and more responsive to the industry.

What Do Sector Councils Do?
By bringing together companies, education/training providers and other labour market partners, the Sector Councils provide opportunities not readily available to individual companies. This approach:

  • enables industry to participate in cost-shared training to meet ever changing needs
  • increases employer involvement in long-term planning and commitment to training
  • focuses training resources on priority training needs
  • introduces industry-determined college and university programs
  • provides employees with transferable skills
  • develops strategies for the inclusion of diverse groups
  • produces economies of scale that result in financial savings

What Are the Results?

The overall goal is to improve the quality of the Manitoba labour force, and to assist companies in meeting changing workforce demands. The creation and ongoing support of sector councils allow government to address skills shortages through upgrading of the existing workforce thereby opening up new opportunities for the unemployed.


Film Training Manitoba is committed to creating an inclusive and healthy workplace where participants, instructors, and staff are treated with dignity and respect. As defined by the Province of Manitoba’s Human Rights code, FTM will not tolerate any forms of harassment and we reserve the right to remove anyone who is creating an unsafe environment.