Set Orientation, Safety Awareness, and Respect in the Workplace

This class is open to Permittees of IATSE 856, IATSE 669 & DGC as well as anyone interested in working in the Manitoba Film Industry.

If you’ve already paid for Set Orientation online, this workshop is free.

Topics to be covered
Set Orientation                                                                  

  • Surviving your first days and weeks on a film set
  • Understanding the hierarchy and protocol
  • Dealing with the deal memo

Workplace Safety

  • Understanding that Workplace Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Learning the employers and employees responsibilities
  • Reporting safety concerns
  • Health & safety in the workplace to prevent injury, illness, disease & death

Respectful Workplace

  • Increasing understanding of discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Learning the employers and employees responsibilities
  • What is your part in creating a respectful workplace


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2 Responses to “Set Orientation, Safety Awareness, and Respect in the Workplace”

  1. Calvin Yearworth

    Is it possible to register for this workshop in advance and is there still availability? You can also contact me at 204-979-0417. Thanks!

    • Hi Calvin, this workshop has passed already, unfortunately. Yes, all of our workshops are required to sign up before hand, no drop ins. We will be offering this workshop again, but a date has not been confirmed.
      The best way to get information right away is to call us or email us. 204-989-9669


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