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We’d like to offer our best wishes to Jenna Neepin, our Programs & Communications Assistant here at Film Training Manitoba for the past 3 years, as she takes on a new position with the University of Winnipeg’s Indigenous Studies department.

Jenna first took the reigns of FTM’s administrative desk in 2010, but soon after became a friendly face in the local filmmaking community when she began assisting with FTM’s workshops.  Course instructors and participants alike would continually express their appreciation for Jenna’s professionalism and how she represented our organization.

As a burgeoning filmmaker in her own right, Jenna’s initial contact with FTM was as a participant in the Aboriginal Career Placement Program, where she gained her first experiences on a film set.  She has since been producing her own short films with her sister, making her own mark in the local industry.

See you in the movies, Jenna!

  – the Staff and Board at Film Training Manitoba

Jenna FTM

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