IATSE 669 Camera Trainee Program


The IATSE 669 Camera Trainee Program is designed to provide participants with the skills and on-set experience they will need to become a 2nd Assistant in the Camera Department. The aim of the program is to have full members of IATSE 669 work with trainees to help them learn work habits and techniques, camera systems, and networking skills.

Once accepted into the program, trainees are assigned to 5-week rotations on union productions and are paid at least minimum wage for their work plus fringe benefits. It is an invaluable experience for anyone interested in working in the camera department.

Application Process

Trainee program applicants need to meet the following application criteria:

• You must be legally entitled to work in Canada AND be a permanent Manitoba resident. If you are in Canada on a work permit/visa we cannot accept your application.
• Must be at least 19 years of age.
• Completion of Grade 12 or GED equivalent.
• A minimum of 30 days On-Set Experience, paid or volunteer. IATSE 669 will give preference to those individuals who have on-set experience in the camera department, however all on set experience considered.
• Completion of mandatory courses (see note below).

Mandatory Courses:
IATSE 669 requires all members to hold certificates in the following courses: Set Orientation, Safety Awareness and WHMIS. These courses are available through Film Training Manitoba (http://www.filmtraining.mb.ca/training/crew/online/).

You must submit proof of completion of these courses with your application. Photocopies are acceptable. You may also still apply if you are currently registered for a course that you have yet to complete. In such cases – proof of registration is required.

Your trainee application must be compiled in the following order

• Completed application form.
• Proof of residency.
• Letter of Intent, addressed to the attention of the Trainee Committee.
• Resume.
• Reference letters.
• Photocopies of the mandatory course certificates (or registered date of courses).
• A $50 nonrefundable application processing fee (made payable to IATSE 669)

For more information, interested applicants should contact Louise Baker-Griffiths, Training Coordinator, IATSE 669
(778) 885-1970 or via email at louise@ia669.com

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