Web Series Case Studies: The New Indie and Web Series as an Entrepreneurial Business

Web Series Case Studies: The New Indie

in partnership with On Screen Manitoba


Great West Life Lecture Theatre (A104) – Red River College, Princess Street Campus

October 3 | 6 pm – 9 pm | $25


Join Web Series guru Scott Albert and special guests Mike Fly and Christian Viel, as they explore what it takes to be creatively and financially successful on the web.

Kicked off by a screening of the series being discussed, this is a fun, informal but still deeply informative evening that peeks behind the curtain of this new form of storytelling. Participants will gain insider perspective from Canadian content creators on what makes a great web series and how to create a fan base. Participants will also learn more about interactive marketing strategies, which have enabled the creators to continue to produce successful scripted web series.


Scott Albert, Producer, Writer and Actor:

Tights and Fights: Ashes  – Transmedia superhero comedy web series funded by the IPF.





Mike Fly, Co-Creator, Director, Producer, Writer:

Sexy Nerd Girl – interactive transmedia project nominated for a 2012 Canadian Comedy Award



Versus Valerie – the next step for Sexy Nerd Girl (funded by IPF and it’s exclusive, to be released in 2013)http://versusvalerie.com


Mike Fly,  Director

Comedy Bar – nominated for a Canadian comedy award and exclusively on Bite TV



Christian Viel, Producer, Director and Writer

Heroes of the North – Award winning transmedia web series



Web Series as an Entrepreneurial Business

in partnership with On Screen Manitoba


The Fairmont Hotel – Harrow Room (Mezzanine Level), 2 Lombard Ave

October 4 | 9 am -12 pm | $25


What does it take to make a web series successful? What does success look like?

Web Series veteran Scott Albert presents a practical, from the trenches, talk that explains why web series is the greatest thing that’s ever happened for independent filmmakers and storytellers. In three hours you’ll learn how web series are the same as film and TV and the ways in which they are completely, world changing-ly different. This session will introduce you to the unique aspects of being a web series creator: monetization and financing, transmedia and social networking, release and rollout, and the business of web series – can you make money?


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