Red River College delivers Film Crew Training

Red River College delivers Film Crew Training: Introduction (PDEV-1017)

For over two years, Film Training Manitoba has collaborated with Red River College to deliver the Intro to Film Crew Course through the Continuing Education Department. This year the course has been renamed Film Crew Training: Introduction and is being delivered in-class beginning Monday, April 11th.

This course explores the many department and equipment requirements for full film productions, and develops skills and attitudes required to be successful on a set.  Participants will be introduced to film production culture and organizational hierarchy, and will discover how to effectively communicate on set, how to self-manage in a changing work environment, and how to build a film career.

This course is offered in conjunction with Film Training Manitoba, IATSE 856 and DGC Manitoba Council. For more information please contact Red River College’s School of Continuing and Distance Education (

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